TouchPoint is our secure extranet client software. We use it with a number of our clients to help them communicate securely and confidentially with their clients. It can integrate with third party software packages. It can host and deliver content to large numbers of users at once or specific content to specific individuals.

Benefits of TouchPoint.


Secure closed environment that can only be accessed through a username and password.


Document management, catering for different file types, with multiple file upload facility.


Bespoke branding of your TouchPoint, reflecting your organisation's identity.


Custom reporting out of the box, showing you accessed pages and downloads.


Cost effective solution, supported 24/7, and hosted on client servers.

TouchPoint is an technology that allows clients to deliver private and confidential information. It is scalable, and designed to manage and distribute a high volume of content to large groups of people. TouchPoint is hosted on client servers for ultimate security and tested by qualified professional hackers.

Who uses TouchPoint.

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