SharePoint is the flagship Microsoft content management platform and it is capable of enterprise level website solutions. We have extensive experience of developing and delivering large scale website solutions in SharePoint. We were one of the first agencies to deliver a FTSE 100 website in SharePoint 2010 in the form of

Why choose SharePoint.


Infinitely scalable and adept at managing large intranets and websites, along with large numbers of authors and editors.


Powerful search engine and "out-of-the-box" functionality with multiple plug-ins.


Excite has developed ways to enhance the implementation of your brand identity on MS SharePoint.


We have developed enhancements to ensure greater usability, particularly for the image carousel and interactive mapping functions.


Supported by Microsoft but enhanced by Excite. MS SharePoint has its quirks and we have found ways to make it work for clients very successfully.

Microsoft sharepoint enables clients to consolidate numerous solutions onto a single platform. There is one interface across all of these projects, providing you with central management of your technologies and extensive security controls. We have extensive experience of modifyin

Who uses SharePoint.

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