Corporate websites are communications tools that should be easy and straightforward to manage. Not all content management systems allow for this. This is why we decided to create our own. It is as simple to use as Word. It's called Arena.

Benefits of Arena.


It's easy to use. Manages the publishing of all content, across multiple languages.


Delivers to mobile and tablet devices, using responsive design.


Content managers need very little training due to it's intuitive workflow.


It enables protection of your brand and your message by granting different access privileges to content managers.


A cost effective solution, hosted by you or by us, but always supported 24/7.

Arena is an content management system. Unlike most technically led content management systems, it is designed and built around a content editor’s needs. There are two models - one publishes flat pages, the other calls content dynamically. It is widely used by the majority of our clients. We can host the website infrastructure or work with you to host it on your infrastructure. We provide support 24/7.

Who uses Arena.

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If you are interested in finding out more about Arena or would like a demonstration of its capabilities, get in touch.