Zurich is one of the world’s leading insurance groups, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis.

Large corporates were facing the challenge of adopting social media and, unlike many who had adopted it, Zurich Financial Services wanted to explore a bit more about what social media was and how it could be applied to their communications strategy.

Excite Communications were asked to deliver a days Social Media workshop to the Zurich corporate publications team.

The workshop consisted of an orientation into what Social Media is and its various applications in our everyday lives. Whether it's for personal publishing of text and imagery, or for live video streaming from your mobile phone - understanding the wider social media landscape enabled us to put Social Media into a corporate context.

The second part of the workshop was to show the Zurich team all of the channels where they currently had a social media presence. These included YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We also illustrated how content can be taken, manipulated and reposted on similar channels.

There was a lot of discussion on this content and the whole topic of monitoring and policing content. We also discussed the need for corporates to have a social media policy that everyone adheres to, in order to prevent individuals setting up channels on their own and posting potentially harmful content.

The outcome of the workshop was that the corporate publications team had a clearer idea of the social media landscape, its pitfalls and what is required to get the Zurich social media presence in place in channels that are relevant, whilst understanding the resource implications of doing so.

Making things clear.

Demystifying the ever expanding world of social media to Zurich's corporate publications team.