NHS Innovations London, NHSIL, was one of eight hubs whose job it was to identify and invest in advances in medical products and services that would improve patient experience and save money.

NHSIL fast-tracked medical innovations to market, helped commercial and public organisations innovate more effectively, and enabled industry and healthcare providers to better understand their markets.

Excite won the opportunity to develop their new corporate website. We were chosen partly because of our expertise in communicating investment messages in the private equity industry, with one areas of the NHSIL business being about raising funds for medical innovation investment.

Our role was to advise the NHSIL team on the development, writing, design and on-going content management of the site. The formulation of an intuitive navigation, which gave the right access points to the right areas of the business, was critical, as was the need to associate the businesses with each other where they worked seamlessly together.

The site ended up providing a wealth of information about the business, which allowed the NHSIL team to clearly promote its diverse products and services.

Bright ideas.

We created a portal website for NHSIL to connect with medical entrepreneurs and help them innovate.