Helping one of the giants of the oil and gas industry to be more accessible to their users by improving the code compliance of their website.

We were commissioned to help assess all of the dotcom platform templates (of which there were approximately 300 covering, Aral, Wild bean Café and Castrol) and produce a detailed report on all improvements that needed to be made in the code to improve on code compliance.

The task involved devising a script in the form of an algorithm that would analyse each of the provided templates and would produce an output for us to analyse and make recommendations.

The algorithm was run on batches of 50 templates that were analysed thereafter. Issues were identified directly in the code and recommendations for code improvements were made on each template.

The algorithm proved to work well in identifying code issues, most of which were common to the templates, and allowed for bulk code changes to be made by the BP digital team.

Making code compliant.

We created an application to analyse
the code of and identified areas that were not compliant with current
web standards.