Apatech was part of 3i’s investment growth portfolio. The company developed award winning and leading edge bone graft technologies. However, they found it difficult to explain precisely what they did to consultants and surgeons, as well as to their potential investors.

Excite won the task of rebuilding Apatech.com as this was seen as their main communication platform. The site needed to communicate their focus and expertise. We chose to use Arena for the content management system and we were responsible for the design and content strategy.

Awareness of the company rose significantly after launch amongst American and European audiences. Their technology quickly gained exposure to the wider healthcare technologies market, so much so that the company was purchased by Baxter at a significant premium.

Excite also created digital posters for large screens, which were used on all the travelators in various locations at Zurich airport during a large medical expo being held there.

Client testimonial.

"Excite created a modern, fresh website that is easy to use, and that delivers complex content clearly and easily.
They were a pleasure to work with."

Simon Cartmell
Former Chief Executive Officer