Cinven is a leading European private equity firm founded in 1977. We have worked together for over 10 years on all their digital communications including their intranet, secure investor portal, and their corporate website.

Four years ago, Cinven wished to reposition themselves through a brand refresh and a new corporate website. They wanted to be seen as more European in outlook and reach, to attract investors and companies to invest in.

At the same time, The Walker Report was demanding greater transparency and disclosure from the private equity industry.

Cinven has a complex story to tell and we recommended a media rich site to launch the new brand, with video being best way to demonstrate in depth the relationship between Cinven and its portfolio companies as well as the expertise provided by Cinven people. It’s all about relationships, market insight, and the depth of expertise of their teams.

The website was pioneering in its approach and level of communication, gaining mention as a contributing factor in Cinven winning an award for transparency and disclosure presented by the BVCA.

Our relationship.

We work with Cinven on many levels. Technically, we ensure that the website, intranet and extranet are all functioning efficiently. Creatively, we help to keep Cinven's digital communications at the forefront of their industry.